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Stair Runner Tips

Stair Runner Tips

Ready to spruce up your stair case with some stair carpets or runners? Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you in your quest.

1. Carefully plan how you are going to layout your runner. Share your ideas with a rug installer so that you can get some expert opinions on the matter.

2. If you have a nice hardwood staircase, opt for stair runners, so that some of the hardwood will still show. Otherwise, you can consider wall to wall installations.

3. Consider using stair rods. These serve both an aesthetic purpose and a functional purpose of holding everything in place.

4. Where does your runner end? You might want to try continuing the runner onto the hallway or rooms on the second level, instead of just ending it at the top of the staircase. Or, you can have the runner flow out onto the floor on the first level, like an area rug.

5. Choose a border width that matches the width of your staircase. Narrow borders for narrow staircases; Wide borders for wide staircases.